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A one-day conference filled with panels, pop-ups, mic drop moments, mentor power hours, delicious food, cocktails and all the things we entrepreneurs enjoy the most, a feeling of good vibes and space for creativity! The core focus of this conference was to entertain, enlighten and inform women around key topics surrounding #Entrepreneurship, and the real talk that comes with being a modern working woman.

Source: Create & Cultivate

The First Keynote:

Building a Billion-Dollar Business With Jessica Simpson!

Jessica Simpson | Author, Entertainer, and Entrepreneur


Jaclyn Johnson | CEO and Founder, Create & Cultivate

On making mistakes…

"We are all figuring it out and that’s okay—figuring it out is the fun part. It is through the mistakes that we can find the leader within us."

On asking for help...

"It’s important to put ego aside and look to someone who can help guide you who’s really passionate about what they do."

On being generous with compliments...

"I know how good a compliment feels—it can really change your day."

On designing for women of all sizes…

"I don’t ever want to exclude a customer. I’ve been every size there is, and in those moments, I felt I deserved a nice outfit."

On leading a team...

"I have a team of just eight women, and these ladies are all so unique and effortlessly themselves, and in every approval meeting, everyone leaves their ego at the door."

"I don’t look at myself as the boss. In so many ways, they teach me."

On wearing heels...

"The taller I feel, the more confident I feel."

We had a great experience not only form the many panelists, mentors and delicious drinks, but by the energy of the many ladies that went full of enthusiasm, ready to learn and keep up with their different projects.. We met lifestyle and fashion influencers, event planners, writers, business owners, and many interesting creatives that are looking for self development, success, money, and a little bit of glamour!!

#LoveWhatYouDo #CreateCultivate

Be That Shoulder to Lean on for the Next Woman..

Another Topic:

How to Pitch for Profit, Raise Money for Your Business, and Land Six-Figure Deals


Lori Harder | Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Founder & CEO

Kosha Shah Eisenberg | Licensing and Ventures, UTA Ventures

Shiza Shahid | Co-Founder, Malala Fund, Our Place, & Now Ventures

Raina Penchansky | Co-Founder & CEO, Digital Brand Architects

Sherry Jhawar | Co-Founder, Blended Strategy Group

Ginger Siegel | North America Small Business Lead, Mastercard International


Bhavagna Bhattiprolu | Vice President, Blended Strategy Group

On networking…

“Everyone has access to a network, there isn't a magical one that others have and you don't, you just have to go out and build it” - Kosha Shah Eisenberg

“Everything in my life has come from cold emailing. My business partner cold emailed me and now we own a business together” - Sherry Jhawar

On finding investors…

“Once the big funds miss out on deals with women, they realize they need to start investing in women and take them more seriously.” - Shiza Shahid

On not having it all figured out...

“Something that has freed me recently, and I wish I knew when I first had this idea, was how little people actually know when they launch their ideas.” - Lori Harder

On failing...

“Failure can come in if you only focus on passion. Because even if you have great passion, you still need to get up every day and do the dishes.” - Ginger Siegel

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“Everyone has access to a network, there isn't a magical one that others have and you don't, you just have to go out and build it”

- Kosha Shah Eisenberg

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