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Road Bike Rides for Entrepreneurs. Cycling Team!! 

Join the Rides!!

Relax, enjoy the scenes, the sun, and the amazing vibe you can only find when you ride!! 

These are beginner-friendly rides for entrepreneurs to try this sport while networking around the Old Mesilla Town. 

R.S.V.P. to the next one...

Bring your road bike, helmet, water, and your business cards!!

Because Balance & Success can Only be Achieved if we Keep Moving Forward. 

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for this project!

Get presence among our entrepreneurial crowd and social advertising on every ride... for a year!

+ Get the benefits of using our platforms to promote your business, either by stream or in person interviews.

With your partnership we will have extra bikes and gadgets to lend to other people so everyone has the chance to ride!! 

Get your business involved in positive projects that promote a better lifestyle.

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