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Would you like to advertise with us? 


We are an active entrepreneurial community so your brand will be positioned among a very specific audience and your business will get to high quality connections and possible new clients.

The Club is always developing creative projects from where your brand can be promoted.. monthly calendar of events, public activities, yearly celebrations, private sessions, micro workshops, and more..

LOB is also a platform available to you..


Partners can go live with us on short interviews to promote sales, events, new services, or even to just share some tips to our audience and get exposure.


Also, you can be featured unlimitedly [for a year] on our podcast to further expand your reach!!

We are always active on positive activities, and so will your brand be.


Depending on what your business is about, we will find the way to fit your publicity during the year.

In order to maintain the club's public image and reputation, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to partner up with specific brands, depending on the overall type of business you have. 

A unique way of advertising!!

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  • Get your brand featured on our website, special events and presentations.

  • Get your business mentioned, tagged and highlighted on LOB social media.

  • Get access to unlimited live interviews to promote your current sales or projects.

  • Get unlimited access to be published on our podcast.

  • Have our Club Members recognize and recommend your business.

Being a Brand Partner is a smart way to enhance your professional image and public business profile.

Join today..

  1. Send your application.

  2. We will then review it and set up a zoom meeting or call to talk a little more about your business so we can better promote your brand.. 

  3. After that you'll get the partnership invoice, and voila, your brand is in!! 

* 12 month Partnership starts whenever you pay and are non-refundable





Welcome to the Club!!